Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Revamp and A Renewal...

Star Home Decor from our team member Kristin at CarriageOakCottage

Greetings, Treasury Tree enthusiasts!

Just a quick post to reassure you that our team is alive and kicking, and ready to embark on a new and fresh adventure!  Stay tuned for more blog posts, open team challenges, and various new features!

Our team has decided to focus not only on fabulous treasuries, but also on a general web presence. We look forward to bringing you access to lots of great handmade and vintage eye candy, as well as some insight and exploration into how running an Etsy business works.

The blog will be getting a bit of a revamp as well-we're just all about change right now!

So much excitement!

Kerri Renee
Team Captain
The Treasury Tree