Monday, July 30, 2012

Tree Finds - Back to School Edition

It may still be warm, but you can sense it. The days are getting shorter, there is a faint hint of fall in the air, and you are starting to think about pumpkin pie. Well, maybe just I am thinking about pumpkin pie. Mmmmmm, pumpkin pie. But I digress, it is back to school time again and Etsyland is full of creative, eco-friendly, and unique items to outfit students of all ages.

I don’t own an iPad, but this fun retro-inspired sleeve by ClassicbyNature makes me wish that I did:

IPad Case by ClassicbyNature

These cheerful, reusable sandwich bags made by OrganiLuxe will make your little ones (or big ones) want to gobble up the goodies that you put in them:

Reusable Sandwich Bags by Organilux

Made by Conduit Press, this beautifully designed, eco-friendly refillable notebook makes me want to take class notes:
Henna Notebook by Conduit Design

This adorable cat can hold on to my pencils and pens as long as it likes. This super sweet school accessory is the creation of Tokyoinspired:
Hungry Cat Pencil Case by Tokyoinspired

Call me sentimental, but to me there is something special about the substantial feel of an old metal lunchbox. Plastic just doesn’t compare. AloofNewfWhimsy found a beautiful example of an old beauty: 
Vintage Lunchbox from Alloofnewfwhimsy

We can’t forget back to school fashion. Who doesn’t need a ninja shirt? Made from sustainable reclaimed materials, TNTees shows us the fun side of the ninja:
Ninja Applique Shirt by TNTees

These beautiful and useful items should help make the transition back to school just a little easier. Now, where is that pumpkin pie?


  1. What a great post! I love everything here!
    Thank you!

  2. Oh yes, mmmmmm! Pumpkin pie! These are some great finds:)