Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Finds-Kitsch is Good for the Soul!

Thanks to Hope of BlackbirdandPeacock for picking out these great finds!

Check out these upcycled or vintage kitschy finds that make you feel good- and make the planet happy too!

The other day I stumbled upon this vintage nymph from MeshuMash's totally rad shop and fell in love!  So pretty, she definitely belongs on Great Aunt Adilla's windowsill.

Vintage Nymph Figurine by Meshumash

This chillin' clay gnome necklace by Creativity is Messy makes me smile.  And the bottle cap she uses is recycled- very cool!

Chillin' With My Gnomie by CreativityisMessy

Not sure where Molly from Molly Finds unearths her vintage goodies, but I seriously am in awe of all of her treasures.  This donkey is too adorable!

Vintage Baby Donkey Planter by MollyFinds

These sweet upcycled candlestick holders by Trash Things are sooo awesomely pink.

Watermelon Pink Brass Candle Holders by Trash Things

Christmas + kitty cats= absolute kitsch.   Thank you, OooohStitchy.

Christmas Cat Embroidery Hoop by OooohStitchy

Stay tuned for more fabulous Etsy discoveries next Friday!



  1. This is an AWESOME collection. Thankyou so much for including my vintage donkey planter.
    I am off to check out these other finds closer:)

  2. Ahhh... Thanks for including my little gnomie! He looks so at home with these awesome finds!!

  3. Thank you , its lovely and flattering.

  4. Such great finds! Thanks for this post!